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Pandu Siwi Group CEO & Chairman

DR. HM Bhakty Kasry

Memadukan Bisnis dan Dakwah

Lahir di Medan, 30 April 1953. Sebelum mendirikan Pandu Siwi Sentosa, dirinya pernah bekerja di DHL pada tahun 1982 sebagai Sales Representative.


Pandu Logistics's basic standard is to handle all documents/goods carefully and fastidiously. We aim to ensure that all packages are transported safely and securely, so that they arrive on time to the destination. We find joy in performing our normal daily tasks with unparalleled precision.

As a leader in the integrated logistics field, we are also always eager to accept new tasks to challenge our standards. Our customers are the backbone of the service that we offer to the Archipelago of Indonesia. Without you there would be no need for import or export. It is with great humbleness that we acknowledge that you are our strength and we pledge to use that strength to provide you with the best service possible.

For further information, please contact our call center :

phone : (021) 461 6007
email :


Office : Komplek Pertokoan Duta Erlangga
Jl. Erlangga No.3 Lombok
Operation : Jl. Cilinaya Blok B.19
Komplek Mataram Mall Cakranegara

Contact : H.Arif Nofiar
Email :

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