Be A Pandu Agents


Requirements to become a Pandu Logistics Agent:

  • Own a legal entity of Limited Company (“Perseroan Terbatas”) or Limited Partnership (“Persekutuan Komanditer / Commanditaire Vennootschap”)
  • Own Tax ID Number (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak / NPWP)
  • Own a strategic location (e.g shophouse, officehouse) 
  • Own a fleet of motorbike & car (blind van / box-van / pick-up van) 
  • Human resources (as needed) 
  • Own computer equipment (desktop computer/laptop, scanner, barcode scanner (reader), printer) 
  • Set up internet connection 
  • Mandatory use of Android phone for Couriers 
  • Settlement of Administration Fee (varied based on area of services)
  • Set up signboards (billboards/neon signs), banners, etc 
  • Use official AWB of Pandu Logistics
  • Provide uniforms (in accordance to Pandu’s regulation) 
  • Sign the Agency Cooperation Agreement 
  • Attend training: IT systems, Operations, etc.

Contact Person

Risnady Mulyana

Phone: 081318922475


Mujianto Sanmiarji

Phone: 082114476838